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Linda Cooke

Presiding Judge

Boulder Municipal Court


Linda Cooke was appointed as the Presiding Judge for the Boulder Municipal Court in 2002.  She is a long-time community member, having graduated from the University of Colorado School of Law.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont.

Hallmarks of Judge Cooke’s work at the Boulder Municipal Court include extensive use of restorative justice, procedural fairness, motivational interviewing, and community court concepts.  She devotes considerable time to partnering with CU Boulder to develop a coordinated response to high risk substance use and its impacts.  Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Judge Cooke has developed significant expertise with marijuana regulation, both civil and criminal.

Judge Cooke also has extensive experience in working with Boulder’s homeless population.  She applies problem-solving approaches when dealing with their criminal cases.  Her work has been greatly enhanced by the hiring in 2016 of a Homeless Navigator who interfaces with various regional homeless service providers to assist homeless defendants in obtaining identification, benefits, and housing.

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