Laura Furr


Laura Furr Consulting


Laura Furr supports local governments and youth-serving organizations of all types to engage youth in decisions affecting them. She has supported adults and youth as partners in shared decision-making, advocacy and governance since 2006 and now dedicates her work exclusively to this through Laura Furr Consulting LLC. Prior to creating her own business, Laura was the Program Manager for Justice Reform and Youth Engagement at the National League of Cities. Laura has also served as the Interim Executive Director and Senior Director of Youth Justice Initiatives at Community Law In Action, Inc, a non-profit that engages youth as active citizens, critical thinkers and advocates for positive change in Baltimore and Maryland. In her home city of Washington DC, Laura volunteers as the Chair of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group. Laura holds a law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law and a B.A. from Washington College.

Laura works to strengthen the capacity of cities to improve outcomes for youth, increase public safety, and direct scarce resources to effective programs. Laura supports the role of city leaders in the national movement to reform the juvenile and adult justice systems by creating learning opportunities, providing research on proven and promising practices from cities across the country, and facilitating peer learning in a number of forums. Laura also maintains an active voice in the justice reform communities to represent the voice of cities and provide city leaders with opportunities to engage in the movement.

Laura developed, directed and facilitated programs serving youth involved in the adult or juvenile justice system or were at-risk of involvement. Laura was a lead researcher and co-author of the Just Kids report, which was the first comprehensive look at Maryland’s laws and practices charging youth as adults.

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