Katherine Tucker

Owner/Transformation Designer



Katherine (Katie) Tucker is a Design and Innovation Professional co-rooted in industry and academia. Katie is a classically trained Designer, by way of Architecture, with a focused lens on business and entrepreneurship.

Katie is the founder of WERK_, an innovation consulting firm, specializing in early concept development in moments of critical transformation; in an organization, a product portfolio, or with new technology adoption. WERK_ makes strong connections between clients’ vision, goals, and strategies to ensure each step in innovation supports the long-game.

With a hands-on, application-based approach, Katie works with clients to develop strategic and tactical solutions (products/services) for entry into new markets, increasing reach & revenue with client bases. She creates processes to co-develop solutions to large complicated challenges with a wide variety of stakeholders and works with clients to re-shape internal design processes to increase early cross-collaboration.

Katie is also a professor of Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, and Managing the Innovation Process at Portland State University and through exchange, HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen University.

Through everything, Katie is foremost a community builder, an artist, a divergent thinker, and a heck-of-a wheelman.

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