Julie Metz

Downtown Development Director
Goldsboro, North Carolina

Julie Metz has served as Goldsboro North Carolina’s Downtown Development Director since 1999 and will share that the two assets that have helped her dramatically transform downtown most are dedicated practice of the Main Street™ approach and tenacious pursuits of funding. During her tenure, downtown has received 29 Main Street awards, public and private investments of $59.7M and $49.5M respectfully, 737 jobs and 96 businesses. In the last 7 years, she has led efforts that resulted in $19.7M in grants and $816,680 in donations. Julie serves as NCDDA President and on the East Carolina University Board of Visitors.

Julie Metz will be speaking at:

Vital Economies, Thriving Places: A Look at the Main Street Approach

- 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM ,

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