Jon Swanson

Metropolitan Emergency Services (MEMS) Director
Little Rock, Arkansas

Mr. Swanson was raised in central Ohio where he earned his bachelor degree from the Ohio State University in 1970 and later earned his master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in 1980.  He joined the Air Force and entered pilot training in 1971 where he served as a T-38 and C-130 instructor pilot.  During his 28 years on active duty he was commander of the 39th Tactical Airlift Squadron (C-130), the 94th Intelligence Wing at Ft. Meade, MD and Commandant of the Combat Airlift Delivery School at Little Rock AFB.  His assignments also included lead investigator of a C-130 accident at Jackson Hole WY, UN Truce Observer in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982 and NATO HQ staff officer in Holland.  He completed his career on the Air Mobility Command staff as Chief of Combat Operations retiring in 1998 in the rank of Colonel.

Since joining MEMS in 1998 Mr. Swanson has been trained and certified as an EMT, an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and in Mass Casualty Incident Command.  During his tenure at MEMS he has seen the service area double and the run volume triple.  He is a past Secretary/Treasurer and is currently an elected board member of the Arkansas Ambulance Association and serves as the state ambulance association liaison to Arkansas General Assembly.

Under his leadership, MEMS has successfully implemented in-house entry level EMT and paramedic schools which has resulted in a much more diverse work force and excellent retention.  He also led the highly successful project to design, deploy and operate the statewide call center for the Arkansas Trauma System which coordinates the movement of seriously injured patients to the closest appropriate hospital across the entire state.  He successfully led the project to amend the state rules and regulations to permit a tiered system to use BLS units to respond to lower acuity emergency calls.  Under his leadership MEMS has provided TECC training over 3,000 state and local law enforcement officers and coordinated grant resources to provide each with tourniquet kits.

Throughout his 19 years as MEMS Executive Director he has constantly focused on steadily improving the quality of care, the recruitment and retention of the best people in the industry, ethical conduct at every level and diligent attention on safety for patients, employees and the public at large.

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