Jeri Muoio

West Palm Beach, Florida

Jeri Muoio was first elected Mayor of the City of West Palm Beach March, 2011 and re-elected in 2015. She previously served on the West Palm Beach City Commission for four years, having been reelected twice by the voters.

During her administration, Mayor Muoio has presided over the important first stages of an economic resurgence in the city.  Her focus on strengthening the economy has led to hundreds of new jobs in the city since taking office. Mayor Muoio has pledged to make the City of West Palm Beach more business friendly, understanding that progress and growth are the keys to the city’s future.

She frequently tells business and industry leaders that the City of West Palm Beach is not only open “for” business, but also open “to” business.

Mayor Muoio is a strong advocate for open, transparent government.  Her ongoing “Open Access” campaign has led to numerous town hall meetings, neighborhood chats, and outreach efforts.  She is the first mayor in the city’s history to make herself available for a weekly “no question off limits” press briefing. She is also the first mayor to reach out directly to residents with a Twitter Town Hall.

Since taking office, Mayor Muoio has fulfilled her pledge to make government more responsive.  She reorganized several departments, and demanded they focus on customer service. In addition, under her leadership, a strategic plan for the City, a 10 year budget plan, and short and long term water plans were developed.

Mayor Muoio has worked to make the City of West Palm Beach a great place to live, work and raise a family. She has led the fight against unnecessary roads and has been instrumental in the building of fire stations to serve the communities which were underserved. The creation of a vibrant Downtown, the maintenance of safe, beautiful neighborhoods and the open communication with constituents are all priorities for Mayor Muoio.

Mayor Muoio holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from Syracuse University and worked for many years as a school district leader.

She resides in West Palm Beach with her husband Charles and is the mother of Jessica and grandmother of Jordan, Jada and Julian.

Jeri Muoio will be speaking at:

World Cafe: The Future of City Energy Policy

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