Gyna Bivens

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth City Councilwoman Gyna M. Bivens entered her third term in office after winning 96% of the vote.  Her council district is home to more than 100,000 people.  A number of major corporations are headquartered in her council district including American Airlines and Bell Helicopter Textron.   In her ‘day job’ Bivens serves as President and Executive Director of North Texas Leaders and Executives Advocating Diversity (LEAD).  LEAD was created by CEOs of Fort Worth in search of executive level talent.  More than 1,000 professionals have found employment after successfully navigating LEAD’s unique process.  Their impressive titles include City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, CEO, Vice Chancellor and Chief Technology Officer.

Councilwoman Bivens has quite a diverse background.  Many of her stories were aired on NBC TV Network while she was employed as a KMOL-TV reporter in San Antonio.  She worked as the City Hall reporter for stations in San Antonio, Lubbock and Dallas.  She accepted an appointment from former City Manager Louis J. Fox to serve as San Antonio’s Public Information Manager.

When a team of developers could not get media traction on a unique project, they sought help from the City’s Public Information Office.  Gyna’s staff implemented a plan that attracted an international media campground for several days.  That project landed in the Guinness World Records.  Her career path took a turn when she was hired as a corporate spokesperson for one of the nation’s largest utilities.  She handled controversial topics including the company’s role in pollution.  She was later promoted and became the municipal point of contact for several cities served by TXU (now known as Oncor Electric Delivery).  In this role, she engaged with City Councils whose cities were served by Oncor Electric Delivery.  Topics could range anywhere from rate increases to birds nesting on transformers.

Bivens serves as Vice Chair of Communities and Economic Development and is an active member of the Texas Municipal League of Cities.

Gyna Bivens will be speaking at:

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