Garret Nancolas

Caldwell, Idaho

Mayor Garret Nancolas has been elected five consecutive terms to serve as Mayor of Caldwell, Idaho. Drawing on his commitment to public service, he began his career in government on the Caldwell Planning and Zoning Commission in 1989, then serving on the Caldwell City Council from 1991 through 1997. As Mayor, he serves on numerous local and national committees, boards and organizations serving the citizens of Caldwell.

Mayor Nancolas pioneered the concept of involving youth directly in government when he launched the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in 1999, a model that is now nationwide. Building on this commitment, Mayor Nancolas implemented the City of Caldwell’s Youth Master Plan in 2012, which involves youth in creating initiatives that build a better city for them. He has been instrumental in launching Caldwell P-16, which provides preschool, after-school, college and career readiness programs. He has been a champion for making sure that every third grader in Caldwell is water-safe. In 2014, Mayor Nancolas developed Caldwell Saves 1st, a financial education program for parents and children, and successfully implemented the Youth Forum, an annual event promoting youth leadership and involvement and Let’s Move Caldwell a comprehensive initiative dedicated to solving the challenges of childhood obesity. Mayor Nancolas approved through Resolution, employee participation in community-based mentoring programs, allowing employees to mentor youth in crisis once a week and continues to teach government at local high schools and colleges.

He is blessed to have the support and energy from a loving, enthusiastic family.  Pamela is his wife of 40 years. They have two children, Caleb and Ashley and are raising their two beautiful granddaughters, Lily and Melody.

Garret Nancolas will be speaking at:

Engaging Your City’s Youth

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