Dr. Gary McCaleb

Vice President, Abilene Christian University

Executive Director, Center for Building Community


Dr. Gary McCaleb is vice president of Abilene Christian University and executive director of the Center for Building Community.

Dr. McCaleb in 1999 completed his ninth year and third term as mayor of the city of Abilene. He was president of the Texas Municipal League in 1993, and served on the Advisory Boards of the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors and was the U.S. representative to the World Executive Committee of the International Union of Local Authorities.

He is a frequent speaker, both nationally and internationally, on city issues, especially the importance of building community, and he has produced five books: Community: The ‘Other’ Side of Self, The Gift of Community: Reflections on the Way We Live and Work Together, Listening: A Search for Community, Throughout the World: The Kindness of Community and Treasured Places. Dr. McCaleb has made five trips for the U.S. State Department, speaking to local government officials in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Iceland and Northern Ireland.

Dr. McCaleb earned his bachelor’s degree from ACU and holds an MBA and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

McCaleb was elected to the Abilene City Council in 1985, and served until 1990, when he was elected mayor. He was elected for a second three-year term in May of 1993 and a third term in May of 1996.

He is married to the former Sylvia Ravanelli and they have a daughter and son, both married, four granddaughters and two grandsons, and a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter.

A jogger, McCaleb has run in the New York City, Dallas and Houston marathons.  His other interests include art, reading and writing.

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