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Cecilia Gutierrez

Deputy Director, Network and Partnership

MBK Alliance/The Obama Foundation


Cecilia Gutierrez currently serves as the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Deputy Director, Network and Partnerships at the Obama Foundation, working to support the network of community leaders across the country who accepted President’s Obama 2014 Community Challenge.

Cecilia has dedicated her entire career to lifting and advocating for children and families residing in low-income communities, particularly black and brown children.

Prior to the Obama Foundation, Cecilia spent seven years working in Liberty City, a challenged, yet promising community in Miami ,Florida. For six of those seven years, she worked at the Miami Children’s Initiative (MCI), initially as Vice President for Development and within a year, as its’ President/CEO. The organization utilizes the framework of the nationally renowned Harlem Children’s Zone to transform Liberty City into a prosperous community. This encompassed the following: 1) Strengthening the family structure with quality support services; 2) Educational tools and resources that stem low academic achievement, and 3) Connecting high school graduates and adults to higher educational institutions that will ultimately create pathways for sustainable employment. Under Cecilia’s leadership, the organization’s community work brought tremendous national recognition, including the selection of MCI as a 2016 Citi Foundation Community Progress Maker to accelerate economic opportunities in Liberty City. In 2015, MCI was selected as the community partner for Clinton Global Initiative University Day of Action. Cecilia was able to grow the organization from a team of 4 people with a half million-dollar budget to a team of 60 with a $2.7 million operating budget. Cecilia has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition for her courageous, inclusive and transparent leadership as well as her commitment to lifting children and families out of poverty.

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