Cam Gordon

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cam Gordon is serving his third term as Minneapolis City Council Member for the Second Ward. Since first being elected in 2005, he has led on many of the initiatives to help make Minneapolis a more just, sustainable, peaceful and democratic city.

Cam was born and raised in Minneapolis after his parents emigrated from Canada in the 1950s.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1977 with a Bachelor’s degree in education and has worked as a community organizer, journalist, musician, author, early childhood educator and Montessori teacher. For eight years, he operated a small childcare and music education business called River’s Edge Children’s House. He was also Associate Editor of the nationally distributed education newspaper, Public School Montessorian during the 1990s and is author of Together with Montessori, a guide to help parents and staff work together in harmony to create better schools.

Prior to being elected Cam also helped lead the Neighborhood Group as Board Co-president, He is a founding member, and former State Party Chair, of the Green Party of Minnesota.

Among the large body of work he has done as Council Member, Cam is most often recognized for the leadership he has provided to issues of racial equity, civic participation, public health, environmental sustainability, clean energy, violence prevention, youth development and local foods.


Cam Gordon will be speaking at:

Achieving Equity in Our Communities Through Economic Development

- 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM ,

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