Promoting Economic Development and Public Safety Through Afterschool and Summer Learning Opportunities

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

One of the most significant things municipal leaders can do for children and youth is create afterschool and summer opportunities. They can be critical strategies to address the skills gap, keep kids safe, prepare young people for the workforce and entice businesses to come to the city. With crime escalating between 3-6 p.m., quality afterschool programs solve a major city issue. With businesses complaining that entry workers are not prepared for jobs, afterschool and summer programs provide a unique space to develop new skills and expose young people to careers early. In this session, city officials will learn how leaders in Pittsburgh and Charlotte have championed these issues and convened a diverse group of partners to create a coordinated city-wide effort to promote afterschool and summer learning opportunities. The strategies highlighted in this session are scalable to cities of all sizes. Learn the roles municipal leaders can play to invest in young people as a plan to build a stronger future.

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