Prevention Programs: Healing Feet Helps Cities

9:30 AM - 9:55 AM

Samaritans Feet International brings unity and hope to cities by convening the community to supply the most underserved children with new shoes, new socks, and new confidence. This workshop will present the five stages to creating a community outreach event with Samaritan’s Feet. Through this program, all local leaders – religious, business, law enforcement, and elected officials partner towards a goal that can inspire a lifetime of change and overtime yield positive outcomes for the community.

Crises can happen at any time in a city.  Sometimes city leaders need to quickly create an event, to bring unity to citizens of all races, cultures, and economic statuses.  Samaritan’s Feet can help coordinate and mediate such an event.  Learn more about the Reconcile Charlotte project with Samaritan’s Feet:






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