Pittsburgh 3.0: Leveraging Innovative Programs, Practices and Policies to Create a Leading Resilient City

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

2016 is a milestone year for the City of Pittsburgh. With Mayor William Peduto’s COP 21 climate commitments, the expansion of the p4 Initiative (People, Planet, Place, and Performance), our designation by the Rockefeller Foundation as one of the 100 Most Resilient Cities, and the renewed regional interest in our updated Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Pittsburgh continues to drive innovation and transformation via significant sustainability endeavors. These steps forward reflect the massive potential of community partnerships when aligned with civic leadership anchored in sustainability.

Panelists will showcase the value of strong partnerships through their insights related to the design and implementation of several strategic programs and platforms:

• The City of Pittsburgh’s Resiliency Assessment and the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan
• Pittsburgh 2030 District
• The Green Workplace Challenge

Participants will have the opportunity to assess and discuss how these unique programs can be replicated in their own communities to move the needle on their own resiliency planning efforts.

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