NLC University Leadership 101: Civil Discourse in the Face of Incivility

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
November 7, 2018

Learn to develop your leadership skills in both every day and divisive situations, explore listening with the goal of understanding as an essential part of leadership, and provide an opportunity to practice your skills to plant seeds of leadership and civility in the governing bodies of your communities. Participants will be introduced to The Five Powers as a roadmap to work in groups to develop a plan that could be implemented for success. This interactive session will use the case study as a way to explore the tools presented in the seminar. You will group and re-group, adopting the role of different characters in the case study, to explore the situation from different leadership positions. Ultimately, you will formulate a plan in which all characters in the case study can come together to lead their community through the challenging situation. After exploring the tools, you will be encouraged to think of how you can apply the tools you used in the hypothetical situation, to a real situation in your community.

Credits: 3
Level: 101
Cost: $150 early bird (until July 15) | $165 advance/on site

*NLC University seminars are not included in the standard conference fee. Add seminars to your basket during registration to enroll. Already registered for the conference?  Log in to your profile and simply add seminars to your account.

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