NLC University: Let’s Talk Climate — Applied Research and Practical Guidance for Local Engagement

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
November 16, 2017
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Climate change is no longer a special interest of environmental groups – it’s becoming a personally relevant public interest for all of us. Learn how to effectively communicate with your constituents on climate change, and start conversations to engage the right partners focused on solutions. Get professional insights on communication and behavioral science from experts with ecoAmerica, and take-home best practices from the “Let’s Talk Climate” and “15 Steps” resource guides. This session will include small group exercises and a room discussion to apply knowledge, build skills, and strengthen confidence. Leaders can expect to gain knowledge and skills to prepare you to speak with peers, colleagues, the public, and a spectrum of other leaders on climate change impacts and solutions.

Credits: 2
Specialization Area: Sustainability
Level: 301
Audience: All
Cost: $150 by September 30


  • Dan Barry Director of Path to Positive Communities - ecoAmerica

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