New Approaches for a More Sustainable Future of Urban Mobility

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

Moving the transportation sector to a shared, electrified, and automated economy is a critical component to reaching sustainability goals. The benefits of such a transformation extend well beyond the cars on the road—some include, mobility to more communities, new human-centric urban design options, and more livable cities. Uber is committed to driving a more sustainable future of mobility by developing shared, electrified and automated transportation options and collaborating with cities and partners to unlock the benefits these transformations can bring.

This session will cover lessons learned from Uber’s active sustainable mobility efforts, including

  1. Internal and external research efforts to evaluate the impact of ridesharing on local air pollution and urban transportation’s carbon footprint;
  2. Electric vehicle (EV) demonstration launches throughout North America involving thousands of EVs doing millions of rides;
  3. Partnerships with transit agencies—from both urban and rural cities – across North America;
  4. Engagements with cities and developers to launch new mobility oriented developments with minimized parking footprints

*Presented by Uber

Note: Breakfast will be provided


  • Adam Gromis Global Lead on Sustainability and Environmental Impact - Policy & Communications Team, Uber




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