Navigating the Growing World of Legal Cannabis

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
November 8, 2018

Cannabis is an industry projected to grow at nearly 30 percent per year over the next decade. It is often hard to remember that just five years ago no state had legal adult use recreational cannabis. Today, 46 states have legalized some use of cannabis (95 percent of the American public), 29 have broad access to medical cannabis and 9 states plus the District of Columbia (21 percent of the American public) have legal recreational cannabis. Local leaders are frequently finding themselves having to navigate and regulate this rapidly evolving world. Get objective answers to questions about how to handle the challenges arising from this market disruption during a round-robin style event where you get face time with experts in the industry. Topics include how the expansion of legal/decriminalized cannabis intersects with taxation, the federal banking industry, public health and safety, state-level preemption, racial equity, other drugs like opioids.

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