Green Cities in the Queen City : Financing a Sustainable Future

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

Cities have issued municipal bonds for a long time to fund various projects throughout their communities. As investors become more conscious of the impact their investments can have, a new market for Green Bonds has developed as a way to finance projects that are expected to be environmentally beneficial.  Green Bonds have already financed many types of projects including clean water, clean transportation, and energy efficiency projects across several cities throughout the US and around the world. This market is only expected to continue to grow as a result of increased investor demand along with cities (and other issuers) looking for ways to finance a sustainable future. In this session, we will examine what exactly a green bond is, how one is issued, and look at various examples of how green bonds are already being utilized for various climate change mitigation and adaptation projects around the country.

Note: Breakfast will be provided

Presented by Wells Fargo


  • Tim Olson Director, Municipal Trading - Credit Strategy, Municipal Sales, Trading & Syndicate - Wells Fargo




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