Getting Started on Sustainability – Local Governments Taking the Lead

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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NLC members all strive to create the best communities for their residents. American cities are learning that smart investments in energy efficiency, water quality, and other sustainability initiatives can provide a healthier environment, attract new business, reduce the risks of climate change, and conserve taxpayer dollars. Under the new Administration, cities are increasingly responsible for managing their own environmental impacts, water quality, air pollution, and more.
We see local declarations to support of the Paris Agreement, pursue 100% Renewable Energy, and more, but what action is behind these proclamations?  Are these bold commitments attainable? Led by the NLC Sustainable Cities Institute, this introductory session will explore the most effective sustainability policies and give you new options to promote the health and wealth of your city.


  • Cooper Martin Program Director for the Sustainable Cities Institute - National League of Cities





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