Creating a City Where Small Businesses Thrive

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

A thriving small business sector leads to more job growth, less inequality, higher median incomes, and stronger social bonds in your community. Yet aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. The cost of leasing commercial space is soaring in many cities, loans are hard to get, and competition from e-commerce is on the rise. Hear how some cities are tackling these challenges and making local, independent businesses a centerpiece of their economic strategy.

Speakers will outline concrete policies and initiatives their cities have implemented to be small-business friendly. Highlights include:

  • Zoning policies that create a built environment more conducive to local entrepreneurs.
  • Turning vacant commercial buildings into new businesses.
  • Keeping commercial space affordable as real estate costs soar.
  • Redesigning small business support programs to better meet the needs of entrepreneurs of color.






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