Community Innovations to Address Health Disparities

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Health care disparities are increasingly evident throughout the American population, impacting the viability of our nation’s businesses, from Main Street shops to multinational corporations. Achieving health equity by improving the health and well-being of a diverse population should be a critical imperative for everyone. Local leaders can serve an important role in working collaboratively to connect people to meaningful health information, and identifying creative ways to engage people in health improvement. This panel discussion will feature experts who have delivered creative solutions for pre-diabetes, diabetes, cancer prevention and opioid addiction to overcome cultural and economic barriers to health and wellness within their communities. In addition, Cigna will share insights and innovations in connecting, communicating and educating clients and customers to help close disparities gaps.

Relevant NLC University Seminar
Partnering for Better Health | Wednesday, November 15


  • Stephen Williams Director - Houston Health Department (HHD)
  • Michael Vargas Mayor - Perris, California
  • Peggy Payne Health Equity Strategy & Language Assistance Program Compliance - Cigna Clinical Performance and Quality Organization
  • Lisa Meadows Director of Healthy Kids Outreach Programs - St. Louis Children's Hospital




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