Many big-box retailers are closing across the nation. Is the void left by these brick and mortar stores a detriment or an opportunity? In today’s volatile retail climate, is there still an opportunity for retail to play a role in an economic development strategy? Find out more about the trends of today and how communities can turn lemons into lemonade. Learn what steps your community should take to be engaged in retail development.

SolSmart is a national solar designation and technical assistance program for cities and counties funded through the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. Program staff will provide an overview of the opportunities and benefits presented to cities that choose to participate in SolSmart. Specifically, cities will learn about their eligibility for no-cost technical assistance for solar-related actions and the potential to receive national recognition for acting to spur solar growth locally. Representatives from cities participating in SolSmart will discuss their experience working with the program and how solar has affected their communities. SolSmart-designated cities will be announced and receive an award for their accomplishments.

Now, residents from NLC member cities, who are without health insurance, a traditional pharmacy benefit plan, or have prescriptions not covered by insurance can receive savings on their prescriptions through the NLC Prescription Discount Program. The NLC Community Showcase Video Program helps communities promote tourism, educate and welcome new families and residents and attract new businesses. Over 7,000 grants are available to cities to find funding through NLC Grant Access.

With a growing number of young professionals and empty nesters seeking urban living opportunities, demand for downtown residences is at an all-time high nationwide. Learn how Downtown Columbus has been able to see 200% growth in the Downtown population since 2000, buoyed by over $3.25 billion in combined public and private investment. The state capital is now an 18-hour city that features modern residential developments, cultural attractions and parkland that continue to attract new residents, workers and visitors.

NLC partners with key private sector and non-profit organizations to offer our members programs that save them and their residents time and money. From an easy-to-use grant database to residential home protection and municipal financing options, our partner programs are relevant to the everyday needs of our members and their constituents. Stop by to learn more!

The National League of Cities (NLC) recognizes the generational shift in municipal leadership, both among elected officials and city staff. The Young Municipal Leaders (YML) network is a group housed at the National League of Cities that provides young local leaders with opportunities to connect with peers in leadership, share best practices, as well as develop both professionally and personally. The Young Municipal Leaders Network is comprised of any local elected official and city/town/village staff between the ages of 18-40. This group integrates with other programmatic components of NLC and seeks to create intergenerational opportunities to bridge the cultural and generational gaps of city leaders past, present, and future.


LRNG teams with cities to connect learning experiences to career opportunities, ensuring that all young people have inspiration and guidance to prepare them for life and work in the modern economy.  Hear Philadelphia City Council Member Derek Green and LRNG VP of Strategic Partnerships Jessica Garcia-Kohl share findings from the city’s participation – apart of a dozen pilot cities to adopt the LRNG digital badging platform, Work Ready.  This presentation will inform city leaders about Philadelphia’s experience with the adoption of the LRNG platform, how this innovation benefits youth and the community, and how additional cities can partner with LRNG.

Across the county, our Veterans are older and more than twice as likely to have some form of a disability compared to non-Veterans. As the unprecedented “silver tsunami” continues to transform the demographics of communities, cities are facing even more pressure to ensure limited resources are being used effectively and efficiently. During 2017, NLC partnered with Purple Heart Homes and cities to support of these efforts. Come learn about successes, lessons learned, and how you can progress in your community.


WaterNow Alliance and the Sustainable Cities Institute have been working together for the past two years to advance sustainable water solutions in communities across the nation. With a changing climate, more intense droughts and floods have become the new normal. To break away from crisis-driven decision making, WaterNow Alliance is building a network of leaders committed to building a more resilient water future. This session will highlight our work over the past two years including growing membership to over 150 local leaders, updates on key policy initiatives to breakdown financing and communication barriers, and stories from on-the-ground projects. We hope to include at least one member from WaterNow Alliance member to discuss the benefits they’ve enjoyed since being a part of the Alliance and we will invite attendees to join the effort and participate with us to bring about widespread adoption of sustainable solutions!

NLC Member Councils provide an opportunity for members to network with other leaders from cities with similar characteristics. It’s also a place to share best practices and discuss issues that affect your cities. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the following councils, stop by and learn more about how to get involved:

Large Cities Council

Small Cities Council

University Communities Council

First Tier Suburbs Council

Military Communities Council

Council on Youth, Education, and Families