Governance Activities

Throughout the conference, NLC member-city officials will participate in the important work of governing the association. Many of the governance meetings are open to the public and attendees are encouraged to stop in to observe and consider ways to become involved.

Federal Advocacy Committee Meetings
NLC’s advocacy committees play an important role not only in advocating on federal policy issues important to cities and towns across America but also in taking the lead in shaping NLC’s federal policy positions, which serve as the foundation for NLC’s advocacy. During the committee meetings at City Summit, the committee members develop resolutions to put before the membership to amend the National Municipal Policy. These changes are considered during the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, November 18. Attend these meetings Wednesday morning to learn more about the priority issues and NLC’s actions.

Board of Directors Meeting
The Board of Directors governs the affairs of the National League of Cities.  Their focus is on three broad roles:  1) fiduciary oversight; 2) strategic planning and thinking; and 3) implementation of policies and activities to support and advance the NLC mission and aspirations. The NLC Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, November 16.

Nominating Committee Public Hearing
The 2017 Nominating Committee appointed by NLC President Matt Zone will hold a public hearing on Thursday, November 16. All candidates for Officer and Board of Director positions must appear at the Nominating Committee Hearing.

Annual Business Meeting
At the conclusion of the Congress of Cities conference, the Annual Business Meeting will take place on November 18, 2017.  The entire NLC membership, including the State Municipal Leagues, will consider changes to NLC’s National Municipal Policy (NMP). The NMP is NLC’s comprehensive policy platform on federal issues directly affecting or of concern to cities and towns. It serves as the foundation for NLC’s federal advocacy efforts on behalf of the nation’s cities and towns and is subject to an annual review by the NLC membership during the City Summit. As the foundation for our advocacy efforts, a relevant and robust NMP is essential to our effectiveness on your behalf on Capitol Hill. The Annual Business Meeting is also where the new officers and Board members are officially confirmed by the membership and marks the beginning of their terms.