City Summit is the only opportunity for all local officials—elected and staff—to learn about the issues affecting local governments and expand their professional network. The conference provides education for leadership development, meaningful discussions on common local-level problems and new best practices to address the trends affecting cities, towns and villages.

Exclusive to City Summit, local leaders will get a chance to see how others successfully govern during mobile workshops around the host city, showcasing real-world solutions to issues facing local communities. 

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Conference Workshops
(75 minutes)

Presentations, panels and discussions focused on common issues communities face—spanning from homeless and affordable housing to access to broadband and workforce development. Local leaders will learn more about the issues and share best practice examples among peers. 

NLC University Seminars
(three to six hours)

Attend half-day or full-day trainings on navigating the duties of a public official. Each seminar is worth one to three credits towards the NLC University certificate program. Topics of discussion range from finance and budgeting to racial equity and opportunity for economic development. Additional fees are required to register. 

General Sessions
(90 minutes)

Get inspired during exciting main stage programming, featuring motivational stories from well-known national leaders. Learn from the success of other leaders and public servants around the world during panel discussions and one-on-one interviews.

Host City Mobile Workshops
(three to four hours)

Exclusive to City Summitlocal leaders will get a chance to see how their peers successfully govern and innovate during various workshops, showcasing successful projects and programs around the host city.



150 private, public, and nonprofit sector vendors

Discover tangible solutions from vendors offering services ranging from business supplies to public utilities. With vendors like Esri, Greenshine New Energy, and FEMA— to name a few city officials can make direct connections with the right people for more effective municipal procurement. While thousands of local elected officials come together to learn and network, city purchasers will find a lot of value in the exhibition hall where they can have meaningful conversations about goods and services for their community.


50+ activities for local officials and corporate leaders

Whether it’s the welcome reception, closing celebration, the constituency group events or state municipal league activities, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to meet and build relationships with other local leaders. Each event offers a chance to exchange ideas and nurture relationships that will further support your community. You can also use the evening receptions to strengthen your relationships with your staff and colleagues outside the walls of City Hall.


Five caucuses for ethnicity, gender and orientation

Constituency groups provide an excellent opportunity to join a group within NLC of leaders with common backgrounds or interests. Many of these events are open to all attendees (some require ticket purchase).


Six groups for niche communities

Member councils are groups for city leaders from similar communities who share ideas about their unique issues. Member councils include Small Cities Council, Large Cities Council, First Tier Suburbs Council, University Communities Council, and Military Communities Council.


Seven committees and 45 resolutions representing the federal policy positions of cities nationwide

City Summit is the culmination of NLC’s policy and governance work for the year.  Get involved by attending a Federal Advocacy committee meeting and the annual business meeting to learn how you can have your say in NLC.  After all, it’s your organization!


Salt Lake City, Utah
November 17-20, 2021

Kansas City, Missouri
November 16-19, 2022

Atlanta, Georgia
November 15-18, 2023