NLC University: Partnering for Better Health: Cities Aligning with Health Systems and Key Sector Stakeholders to Improve Outcomes

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
November 15, 2017

Every day, mayors and city leaders make decisions specific to transportation, public safety, housing and economic development, that impact the quality, affordability, and accessibility of these environments. These quality of these environments impact the health and well-being of residents and in many ways, shape how well and how long we live.  As such, it is critical to better align resources and capacity to improve outcomes for all city residents.  Municipal leaders have many opportunities, often unexplored or underdeveloped, to collaborate with health systems, and other key sector stakeholders to strengthen their efforts to build healthier communities. This training seminar will explore effective city-level models for cross-sector partnerships and build the capacity of city leaders to engage with hospitals, health plans and state Medicaid agencies, community development and other essential partners. Cities will have the opportunity to hear from city, state and national experts on best practices for building, strengthening, and sustaining collaborations for health.

Credits: 2
Specialization Area: Health | Safety |Human Development
Level: 201
Audience: Local elected officials and city staff; all city sizes
Cost: $150 by June 30; $160 after June 30

*NLC University seminars are offered at an additional fee. To register for an NLC University seminar, add it during the conference registration process. If you’ve already registered for the conference and would like to add a seminar, simply log back into your account on the registration site.


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