Local leaders represent the people they govern, and the people want to control their destinies. As cities across the nation increasingly battle state mandates thwarting local priorities, municipal leaders must be strategic to fight state preemption. Learn tactics to counter preemptive actions taken by the state. Get insights from your peers dealing with preemption cases involving labor, civil liberties and minimum wage laws.  Hear insights from legal professionals actively involved in preemption cases. This workshop will immediately follow Friday’s general session programming on state preemption of local authority. Expert panelists will continue the discussion with specific tactics for local leaders addressing preemption— one of the biggest threats to city governance today.

Get ready for an exciting, thrill-seeking experience at our local amusement park hot-spot, Carowinds! Youth will experience roaring roller coasters, take selfies with the 70-foot WinterFest holiday tree, relax, and hang out with new friends from across the country. The event is sponsored by Carowinds and hosted by the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council.