The budget is the single most important policy document a local government adopts. How many times have elected officials heard this statement, and how many elected officials actually believe that this is the case? Does the budget, and the budgeting process itself actually help policy makers to easily and understandably translate their decisions into actions that move their community forward? Or has budgeting become an accounting exercise at best, leaving the connection to policy making questionable and unclear?

Credits: 2
Proficiency Area: Management | Government and Finance (Management, Public Administration)
Level: 101
Audience: All audiences; all city sizes

The future has arrived and with it, an emerging role for the local leader. Visionary leaders realize that today playing it safe is no longer playing it smart.  Increased scrutiny, expanding regulations, a shifting political landscape, and significant workforce challenges add up to a valuable opportunity to activate change, drive innovation, and successfully lead your organization towards a better future. This session will provide a powerful combination of a sound strategy along with a series of integrated tactics designed to disrupt the status quo and optimize your capabilities in your role for the 21st century.

Credits: 2
Proficiency Area: Management (Public Administration)
Level: 301
Audience: All audiences; all city sizes

This full-day immersion workshop addresses the essential communication strategies and best practices that every elected official must understand and execute, including:

  • Developing a Comprehensive Communications Strategy
  • Working with the Media
  • Engaging the Public
  • Effectively Using Social Media
  • Public Speaking

Participants will have the opportunity to practice communication skills by engaging in mock interviews and other scenarios common to elected officials.

Credits: 4
Proficiency Area: Leadership
Level: 101
Audience: Local elected officials, city staff; all city sizes